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The Pullman System

Set yourself with this amazing trio of Coffee Tools - designing to work together with you to make the best tasting coffee you can.


Filtration 876 - more holes, more extraction, more flavour.
The Chisel - redistribution.
The BigStep - tamping big base style.

Complementing each other in form, size and function, the best way, the only way is to work with the system.


Pullman System,簡而言之就係希望Barista喺做咖啡嘅時候可以減少變數,用最簡單嘅方法,持續咁出到一杯平衡萃取嘅好啡。

由增加萃取嘅876 Basket,平均佈粉嘅Chisel,去到完美填壓嘅Big Step Tamper,每個細節都考慮到Barista嘅需要,先可以令到你們可以專心做好每一杯咖啡。

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